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DB 9PIN one-to-three wire harness 5557 (4.2mm) connecting wire Sheng Hexin

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5557 (4.2mm) to DB 9PIN connection harness Signal transmission harness Waterproof harness.

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This harness features a waterproof and dustproof design, ensuring reliable operation even in harsh and challenging environments. Its good air tightness further enhances its resistance to moisture and dust, making it ideal for outdoor or industrial use. The stable performance of this harness guarantees consistent and efficient electrical connections.

DB 9PIN one-to-three wire harness 5557 (4.2mm) connecting wire  Sheng Hexin (1)

The copper guides in this harness offer excellent conductivity, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted signal transmission. With its strong conductivity, this harness maximizes the efficiency of electrical systems, reducing the risk of voltage drops or loss of signal quality.

The wire of this harness is made of high-quality PVC rubber, which provides exceptional strength and fatigue resistance. It is also equipped with a shielding layer and aluminum foil, which effectively protect against signal interference, ensuring reliable and consistent signal transmission. Moreover, the stable size, heat aging resistance, folding resistance, and bending resistance properties of this wire make it suitable for a wide temperature range, from -40℃ to 105℃, enabling year-round use in varying conditions.

Product Description

The connector contacts of this harness are made of brass, which enhances the electrical conductivity and ensures stable and reliable performance of electrical components. Additionally, the surface of these contacts is tin-plated to resist oxidation, maintaining their efficiency and longevity over time.

This harness complies with UL or VDE certifications, ensuring its adherence to strict quality and safety standards. Furthermore, it meets REACH and ROHS2.0 requirements, making it environmentally friendly and free from hazardous substances. To meet specific customer needs, this harness can be customized during the production process.

Every aspect of this harness has been carefully designed and manufactured to provide superior quality and performance.

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